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In six weeks GTA V sells 29 million copies

by on30 October 2013

The license to print money will continue

Publisher Take 2 and developer Rockstar could not be happier with the news that in six short weeks Grand Theft Auto V has beaten the lifetime sales record of GTA 4 which is 25 million. GTA V has been able to move 29 million copies for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Quite a staggering number when you think about it.

The release of GTA 5 has not always been easy for Rockstar. The developer took significant flack over the multiplayer component release for GTA 5 which came several weeks after the game was first released. The multiplayer release was rocky with a number of issues and problems that caused players issues. While all of them are not yet solved the developer has been hanging in there and fixing the issues and bringing out patches to address problems.

It seems as if developer Rockstar has a license to print money with this franchise and it will continue to cash in with the upcoming release of the Beach Bum Pack which is expected early next month. The Beach Bum Pack will mark the first DLC release for GTA 5.

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