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Homefront: The Revolution on track for 2015

by on03 June 2014

Next-gen only open world FPS for X1, PS4, and PC

Finally after Crytek purchased the rights to publish the work that they had been doing for THQ on a new Homefront title do we now hear that the game is to be called Homefront: The Revolution. Formally the game was known as just plain old Homefront 2.

The sequel to the last Homefront is set to be a Next-gen only release for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Mac, Linux and Windows PC that will be set 4 years after the original Homefront and the game is best described as an Open World FPS.

While the game is in development at Crytek, from what we understand the game will be published and released by Deep Silver. The game is said to be set in none other than Philadelphia which as become a ghetto with heavy surveillance and drones used to keep the peace. You will be part of a guerrilla force that is forming a resistance that is determined to start a second America revolution.

The game will support a campaign mode with four player online co-op support. While it is likely that the game will offer online multiplayer at some point, it is not clear if that will be part of the release version of the game. Besides saying that it will arrive in 2015, no additional release information has been announced.

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