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Bungie might miss Destiny bonus

by on17 September 2014

Lower than expected review scores

Back during some nasty legal wrangling it was revealed that Bungie has a Quality Bonus in there ten year contract with Activision.

While it is possible that the bonus clause could have been removed from the contract, but if not it is possible that Bungie could lose $2.5 million dollars if the review scores for Destiny don’t improve. If Destiny was able to achieve a rating for at least 90 on Gaming Rankings within 90 days of release on Xbox 360, the Bungie would get the payout.

While many reviewers have taken Bungie’s advice and have posted indications that their review of the game is still in progress because it is so large that a normal review period for this title just will not do.

Rumors are what they are, but some suggest the bonus clause was removed and others say that it has been changed all together. We may never know.

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