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Final Oculus Rift hits developers

by on22 December 2015

Polish up the launch titles

Oculus has announced that the final hardware revision of the Oculus Rift has started shipping to selected developers. 

This is a huge milestone in many years of development of the Oculus Rift. The final version can be called CV1 (Consumer Version 1) and the Facebook owned company also promises to ship the SDK 1.0 with it.

Of course, Oculus won’t be sending this to everyone who asks. Priority are developers who plan to release their games in Q1 2016 and they are the ones who are getting the final version of the hardware right now.

Oculus developer blog poster said:

“If you’re shipping a Rift title in Q1, you’ll need early access to Rift hardware and new platform features to finalize your game or application.
The Rift SDK 1.0 and runtime include features tied to the consumer product, so we’ve currently limited the release to developers putting final touches on launch titles.”

Eve Valkyrie is among the launch titles that will get bundled with the final Oculus Rift. We have reported that Rock Band will also be among the launch titles. Fudzilla spent some time with Oculus in the course of 2015 and we have tried every single prototype that the company launched. The last two known as Crescent Bay and CV1 were significantly better than the previous version but there is still some space for improvement.

Let’s hope that the latest version will be a better version than what we saw with Consumer Version (CV 1) at E3. That one didn’t felt polished but we expect that this was more of a software rather than the hardware issue. The wait is nearly over, just few more months to go.


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