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Pokemon Go captures the world’s attention

by on11 July 2016

Nintendo share rises 23 percent

It is not official but the world went crazy about the Pokemon Go augmented reality game. Young people and so-called adults  are playing the game so much that it got down to mainstream media and even caused a massive crash in the US. 

The game is all about capturing, training and fighting a Pokemon who  in the real world. The game uses Bluetooth to tell you if  Pokemon is nearby. The game is officially only available in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand and  launched five days ago, on July the 5th.

It already topped the iPhone App store in the US, it caused Nintendo's share to rise by first 10 and now 23 percent and it shows that Nintendo is a company that will adapt to  2016 and beyond.

One of the most interesting things that happened with Pokemon Go is that the developer and publisher Niantic is making teenagers and adults exercise. The game involves a lot of walking and  exercising and living in the outside world has even caused people being robbed at gunpoint. That is what happens when you go out and leave your Xbox and Playstation 4. The highway accident story seems to be fabricated for clicks. 

if you google up Pokemon Go in countries like Austria, one of the first suggestions is how to download the APK and install it on an Android phone as officially the game is not available in most European countries. If you have an iPhone you will have to wait for a mighty developer and Apple iStore to let you play it in your region.   

So the world took a break from Brexit, all the sport events including Euro 2016, immigrants, refugees, world politics and even the Trump and Clinton, to get a virtual toy. Niantic made a world a bit better place at least until  attention drifts away.

Industry insiders think that NIntendo has the power to surprise even in the console space, but the company has been awfully quiet about the alleged Nvidia powered console that we are quite positive is under development. 

Last modified on 11 July 2016
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