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Nvidia unveils something with a very long name

by on01 September 2016

Featuring volumetric lighting, better shadows, HBAO+ and more

Nvidia's Lightspeed Studios have been hard at work and have announced a new Fallout 4 mod, the Vault 1080, which will feature some of Nvidia Gameworks effects.

According to Nvidia, the  Vault 1080 mods brings an even better feel to the game, by adding volumetric lighting, more realistic shadows, HBAO+ with ambient occlusion control and more. The mod also adds weapon debris as well as new meshes and materials, so it should look really impressive, at least judging from a couple of published screenshots.

Nvidia also says that the Vault 1080 is a big mod, equal in size to other vaults in the game and should add about an hour of gameplay.

The Vault 1080 should be available at on September 2nd.

Nvidia Vault1080 2

Nvidia Vault1080 3

Nvidia Vault1080 4


Last modified on 01 September 2016
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