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Microsoft focuses on speed in the new Xbox One update

by on17 October 2017

All about simplicity

Microsoft has released the next big "Fall" update for the Xbox One with speed improvements and chances to make the home page simpler.

Dubbed the "Fluid Design", the interface has a redesigned Home page built for customisation and simplicity.

At the top there are four shortcuts (your current game, two personalised suggestions, and a deal from the Microsoft store) and a horizontal carousel underneath.

New "Content Blocks" that sit below this screen and below are a series of large, visual panels dedicated to games and friends, if you have any. These customisable blocks are hubs for your favourite titles and communities.

The quick-access Guide has been tweaked so it goes a bit faster and there are small, horizontal tabs that you can slide between with the Xbox controller's LB and RB bumpers, D-pad or left thumbstick.

Launching the Guide during streaming will create broadcast and party tabs by default. Other Guide tweaks include a new Tournaments section in the Multiplayer tab, which will summarise official, professional or community tournaments that you've entered.

Vole has overhauled the Community tab with a grid-based layout and tweaked the idle and screen dimming features so they kick in when you walk away from the console.

The new Xbox One dashboard will be available for all Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles today, and Microsoft is promising “more great features” soon for its Xbox Insider testers. Hopefully that will include the impressive-looking avatars that Microsoft teased earlier this year.

Last modified on 17 October 2017
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