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Nintendo ramps up switch supply

by on05 October 2017

Surprise success

It appears that Nintendo's Switch might be taking off after all and the former maker of playing cards and urine themed consoles has ramped up  orders for the Nintendo Switch to two million units a month.

The reason is apparently the product's surging demand and Nintendo is now confident it will achieve its annual shipment target of 20 million units for 2017.

In fact, when the Switch starts selling in the China market in early 2018, the sources believe the device's shipments may rise further next year.

By the end of June 2017, Nintendo had already sold 4.7 million Switches and the strong performance has prompted Nintendo to increase the supply of the games console.

The games console is currently in short supply in Japan, and it will not be available in Taiwan until December 2017, with the launch in China not yet been officially scheduled.

Switch shortages are mainly due to tight supplies of key components including DRAM. The Switch is currently manufactured by Foxconn and Hosiden, with Foxconn supplying over half of the overall volume.


Last modified on 05 October 2017
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