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Epic confirms new unreal engine will not work on a Commodore 64

by on08 June 2020

Tim Sweeney warns the eighties

Epic games' Tim Sweeney has felt the need to remind the the world that Unreal Engine 5 won't work on the Commodore 64.

In several Tweets about the new tech, Sweeny said that on the PC you'll need a high-end GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER at a minimum, as well as a super-fast NVMe SSD. But this means Commodore 64 owners might finally have to upgrade. 

It is not as if they had better reasons to upgrade their machines in the last 30 years.  When Commodore 64 was king, PCs were a joke for games and we felt sorry for our mates whose mum bought them one because it was "more serous" than our Ataris and C64s.

Still to be fair, the new Unreal Engine will probably not work on the microwave either.


Last modified on 08 June 2020
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