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Rockstar prepares to dust off another GTO

by on07 February 2022

GTO 5 was a little too successful

Rockstar says it is working on a new version of Grand Theft Auto but admits it has been delayed due to the “unprecedented longevity" of Grand Theft Auto V (and its online component Grand Theft Auto Online).

The success of Grand Theft Auto 5 has been both a blessing for Rockstar and a curse for those who wanted GTA 6.

Rockstar is now about to release GTA 5 across three different generations, cementing its massive lead as the best-selling game in history, endlessly delaying a true sequel.

The outfit has issued a statement saying it working on a new entry in the Grand Theft Auto series" GTA game, although it has stopped short of saying that magical number.

To be fair that can really six can be the only thing it means and it is anyone’s guess what it will look like. The smart money is that given the success of Grand Theft Auto Online it will be a massive game that is perhaps online from the start, including for its base campaign. It will probably be called “GTA World” or “GTA metaverse” or some other hyperbole.


Last modified on 08 February 2022
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