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Dolmen won't get Intel XeSS at launch

by on20 May 2022

Coming "this summer"

Dolmen developers have detailed its upscaling technology support, confirming that the game won't get Intel XeSS at launch.

Although it was suggested otherwise, it appears that Intel XeSS upscaling will be coming to Dolmen at a later date.

The game was previously advertised to have support for Nvidia DLSS, AMD FSR 1.0, as well as Intel XeSS, where Intel XeSS would come with a day-1 patch.

Dolmen developers also confirmed that there are plans to upgrade to AMD's FSR 2.0 at a later date.

The reason could be found behind Intel's A-series delay, as well as the fact that these will initially be available mostly in China so we guess that developers are simply shifting their focus.

Intel plans to bring XeSS to several games, including Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Death Stranding, Chorus, Grid Legends, and Hitman III.


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