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Ikea lamp can play Doom

by on21 June 2022

35 frames per second

A $14.95 smart lamp from Ikea apparently has enough computing power to run the classic PC game Doom.

Software engineer named Nicola Wrachien removed the smart lamp's computer chip and used it to build a miniaturised Doom gaming system.

He uploaded a video to YouTube, showing his creation in action. The system runs a downsized version of Doom that requires less RAM. The chip from the Ikea lamp has enough processing power to play the game at 35 frames per second over a cheap 160-by-128-pixel display.

Wrachien embarked on the project after reading headlines about Doom purportedly running on a pregnancy test. In reality, the pregnancy test was only able to run the game due to an added OLED display and streaming it from a PC.

Wrachien used a $14.95 smart lamp that features an ARM-based Cortex M33 processor with “96 + 12 kB of RAM,” or just enough to run the first level of Doom. The same processor is housed in a microcontroller from Silicon Labs.

His creation did need some additional hardware. Wrachien created a separate board outfitted with 8MB of flash memory, power connectors, audio and keyboard ports—which connected to the Ikea lamp chip. The system is then wired to a display and a makeshift 8-key keyboard.


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