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Nintendo, Playstation, and Xbox will be skipping E3 2023 show

by on31 January 2023

Weight will be on publishers' shoulders

According to the latest reports, all three big console makers, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, will not be attending the E3 2023 conference.

The original report came from IGN, suggesting that Nintendo, Playstation, and Xbox will not be present at the E3 2023 show in L.A., or at least these companies won't have a physical booth at the show.

A similar report came from VGC as well, pointing out that both Playstation and Nintendo are skipping the show this year.

Bear in mind that this is the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic that E3 will have an actual physical show. Sony already skipped the 2019 show due to some disagreements with organizers, so Playstation was already missing from the show. On the other hand, Microsoft could still push Xbox to the show, at least considering that Phil Spencer already said there was a possibility that there will be at least a virtual showcase.

Nintendo on the other hand is a big hit and comes as a rather big surprise.

If these three console makers skip the show, all weight will be left on big publishers like Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, and others.


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