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Minecraft dev team exits Reddit

by on29 June 2023

Reddit revolt escalates 

The Minecraft dev team has left Reddit joining the protest against the board's hamfisted attempt to increase revenues. 

A post from a Reddit user bearing the name sliced_lime and a flair indicating they are the Minecraft Java Tech Lead Mikael Hedberg announced that Mojang would no longer be posting official content to Reddit, in the wake of that platform's response to protests over changes to its API.

"As you have no doubt heard by now, Reddit management introduced changes recently that have led to rule and moderation changes across many subreddits," read the post, before announcing that those changes have led Mojang to "no longer feel that Reddit is an appropriate place to post official content or refer its players."

For those not in the know Reddit has been cracking down on protests against recent changes to its API that would, in essence, kill off third-party apps that let users access the site.

Subreddit mods have spent the last few weeks mounting various campaigns against Reddit's corporate leadership, either "going dark" by turning the subreddits they oversee into private, invite-only communities or else marking them as NSFW, meaning Reddit can't sell ads on those pages. Reddit responded by pressuring disgruntled mods, and in some cases ousting and trying to replace them.


Last modified on 29 June 2023
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