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Reddit wars escalate

by on21 June 2023

They are bringing in the porn now

The battle between Reddit management and its customers is escalating with a handful of subreddits classifying themselves as not safe for work to protest Reddit's recent treatment of the platform's volunteer moderators.

Some non-porn communities are starting to get a lot of porn. Last week more than 8,000 subreddits went dark last week in protest of the company's API pricing changes that are set to shut down popular third-party apps.

But as the protests went on, Reddit started to push back. Steve Huffman, the CEO, said that, while the platform allows the protests, "the users are not in support of it now. It's like a protest in a city that goes on too long, and the rest of the citizens of the city would like to go about their lives."

In a move that probably has his PR team slashing their wrists, he further put his boot in his mouth by telling NBC News that the volunteer moderators were "landed gentry."  

Some mods have felt threatened by messages sent to them by the company. Thousands of subreddits have reopened; one tracker indicates only about 3,300 remain private or restricted. But switching to NSFW creates a new level of friction in reopened communities.


Last modified on 21 June 2023
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