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Apple’s crisis has revealed more user assault and battery
Published in Mobiles

One of the reasons why Apple is a closed company

Apple’s decision to allow an app to show battery life on its iPhones might stave off class suits but has revealed another reason for the company’s secret nature.

Apple buys Qualcomm’s secret graphics lab
Published in Graphics
Tuesday, 15 December 2015 11:43

Apple buys Qualcomm’s secret graphics lab

Building its own Interferometric Modulator Displays

Fruity Cargo Cult Apple has bought one of Qualcomm’s Taiwan graphics labs and is operating it pretty much under everyone’s radar to "invent" something that Qualcomm tried and failed to make successful.

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Stole trade secrets, went to work for AMD

Tuesday, 12 June 2012 09:57

EA Gothenburg working on secret project?


Next Generation Frostbite 2-powered title