Godfall gets a gameplay trailer
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Not running on Unreal Engine 5

Gearbox has released its new Godfall trailer which shows a few more details about the actual gameplay and how the game works, and no, it is not based on Unreal Engine 5.

Sony unveils the new Playstation 5
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Surprises everyone with Playstation 5 Digital Edition

Sony has kicked off its live stream with a surprise announcement of not one, but rather two new Playstation 5 consoles, one of them called the Digital Edition and coming without a Blu-Ray drive. Sony also revealed a bunch of games, but so far, details about the console itself are still scarce.

Far Cry 6 reveal could be set for next month
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At next Ubisoft Forward event in July

It appears that Ubisoft is gearing up for a big Far Cry reveal at its next Ubisoft Forward event in July.

Epic confirms new unreal engine will not work on a Commodore 64
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Tim Sweeney warns the eighties

Epic games' Tim Sweeney has felt the need to remind the the world that Unreal Engine 5 won't work on the Commodore 64.

Video games market to hit $92 billion this year
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Now a leading form of entertainment

The video games industry continues to generate huge profits from its huge player base according to data gathered by GoldenCasinoNews.