MSI Claw gets big performance boost thanks to BIOS and driver update
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Up to 150 percent boost

MSI had a rough time peddling the Intel-based Claw gaming handheld console mostly due to a high price and lackluster performance compared to similar AMD-based handheld consoles, but now it might get a chance with a recent 25 percent price cut and big performance BIOS and driver update, which boosted performance up to 150 percent.

Blizzard cancels BlizzCon 2024
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Might return "in future years"

Blizzard has officially released a statement cancelling BlizzCon 2024, and while the company will be present at other physical and livestream events, it will not be holding its own event.

Oldest PC game is 40 years old
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Still in active development

Biplane shoot-'em up, Sopwith, is celebrating 40 years since its first release in 1984.

Sony Playstation 5 Pro specification confirmed
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Comes before the holiday season with updated SoC

Confirming previous rumors, specifications for the upcoming Sony Playstation 5 Pro have now been confirmed, with a slightly faster CPU, an updated GPU, and should launch before the holiday season.

Ubisoft pulls the plug on 'The Crew'
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Gamer outrage as users don't get what they paid for

Ubisoft has just given gamers a stark reminder that they are renting access to our libraries and pulled the plug on the online-only racing game 'The Crew'.