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Cayman XT and PRO are Radeon HD 6970 and HD 6950

by on19 October 2010

Antilles dual is Radeon HD 6990, all Q4

The Cayman PRO is Radeon HD 6950, Cayman XT is Radeon HD 6970 and guess what, the Antilles dual-chip card is Radeon HD 6990. No surprises there.

AMD still sticks with its schedule to ship Radeon HD 6950, HD 6970 and HD6990 in Q4 2010 and it was confirmed one more time that Radeon HD 5700 series will continue to live into Q4 2010 and onwards.

An AMD executive from the GPU Division is the one who shared this with the world and its partners. Many won’t be surprised, but this is the first time that we got something that we can claim is official. We have decided to withold his name for his own sake as we didn't speak to him directly, we just got these latest info he talked about.

Now that we know the names we can go after the specs and performance of this beast, AMD’s biggest and hottest GPU ever. At Fudzilla, Eliot mostly cares about TDP but most of us here agree that a Porsche GT3 is a way better product than a Toyota Prius, despite its fuel consumption. We do acknowledge that the Prius has way better “TDP”.  Let it be big and hot, as long as it wins benchmarks and doesn´t cook our homes.
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