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MSI working on HD 6870 Twin Frozr II card

by on17 November 2010

Cooler and quieter

MSI is working on its custom made AMD HD 6870 graphics card. Of course, as you could have guessed, MSI plans to use its Twin Frozr II cooler on this card which should make the card a bit cooler and a bit more quieter compared to the reference cooled card.

The Twin Frozr II cooler is quite well known as MSI used it on wide variety of both Nvidia and AMD cards. According to the report, the Twin Frozr II cooler shoudl keep the HD 6870 GPU up to 19 °C cooler and 12.8 dB quieter than the reference cooler. The cooler has 8mm heatpipes connected to a rather large aluminum heatsink that is cooled by two 90mm fans.

The report didn't reveal if the card will be factory overclocked but the overclocking potential should be pretty good. The new card should be available pretty soon.

You can find more here.

Last modified on 18 November 2010
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