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Gigabyte HD 7950 up for pre-order

by on26 January 2012

Spotted for $481.58

Gigabyte appear to be the first outfit to get AMD's  HD 7950 into the shops, or at least to pre-order. The Gigabyte branded HD 7950 has been seen on PROVANTAGE, where it's been spotted at a price of $481.58.

The HD7950 is really for those who want a 7970 but can't afford the $500+ price tag, although at that price we would have thought that money was no object anyway. The specs provided are fairly limited. Just the line "HD 7950 3072MB DDR5 384BIT PCI Express DVI" which means you would really have to know all about the HD 7950 to want to pre-order it and we are guessing it is a reference card.

Enthusiasm might not be such a good thing.  We suspect that once the beast hits the shops the HD 7950 will end closer to the $400 mark.

Last modified on 26 January 2012
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