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Amazon returns 20 percent of GTX 970 price

by on24 February 2015

Keep the card and stay our customer please

We came across a really interesting chat tread of an Amazon customer making a complaint over the GTX 970 specification. 

A lot of users made a big deal about the fact that Geforce GTX 970 has 3.5 GB fast memory and 0.5 GB slow memory, which resulted in false advertising claims.

One of the end users went to Amazon and complained to the company about the card claiming the false advertising. The card was sold as 4GB and the Amazon Prime customer claimed that this is a 3.5 + 0.5GB card.

It was a small victory for "thomas" as Amazon decided to refund 20 percent of the price and he managed to keep the card. to mark his own words he "cannot go without a GPU".

Nvidia is also facing a class action lawsuit as a few angry customers are going against Gigabyte and Nvidia making its case against the fact that Nvidia advertised the card as GeForce GTX 970 with 4GB of RAM, 64 ROPs, and 2048 KB of L2 Cache. In reality, the GTX 970 has 56 ROPs and 1792KB of L2 Cache as well as 3.5GB fast memory and 0.5 GB slower memory.

It all started with Ryan Smith at Anandtech, who penned an in-depth article about the card and proved that the specification advertised by Nvidia was a bit off.

AMD is probably very happy about this miss happening as it can go around and claim fair game and honesty as well as the fact that its specifications advertised are the ones you will be getting. It remains to be seen if GTX 970 reputation might end up more bruised as from what we saw only a small percent of customers, between one and three percent actually wanted to get the card and get a total refund. 

Last modified on 24 February 2015
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