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Imagination launches 2.2mm2 PowerVR G6020 GPU

by on03 March 2015

For wearables and entry level kit

Imagination Technologies has announced a new mobile GPU designed for small SoCs aimed at the wearable market. 

The PowerVR G6020 GPU measures just 2.2mm2 in 28nm, which makes it roughly the size of a single Cortex-A7 core. The company said the miniature GPU is designed for ultra-affordable smartphones and tablets, along with premium wearables, POS devices, automotive trip computers and various electrical appliances.

It is by far the smallest Rogue GPU so far, with a single 4-pipeline core, or one quarter of a standard Rogue cluster. However, the chip can still drive 720p60 displays and it still supports a number of features found in other Rogue designs.

The tiny core can deliver 400-500 Mpixels/second and 12.8-16 FP16 GFLOPS at 400-500 MHz. It supports OpenGL ES 3.0 and can be used on Android, Android Wear, Linux and ROTS hardware.

It can also be implemented with PowerVR video decoding/encoding processors, as well as audio and imaging engines.

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