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AMD silently cuts Radeon R9 285 price

by on04 May 2015

Going for under €180 in Europe

As you probably already know, AMD is preparing to launch its new Radeon Rx 300 graphics card series and has now silently cut the price of the Radeon R9 285 in order to clear stock, pushing it down under €180 in Europe.

Spotted by site, the price of some Radeon R9 285 graphics cards has dropped from previous €199 down to €180 in Europe. On, the similar Radeon R9 285 graphics cards are still priced at around US $200.

The €180 price puts the AMD R9 285 below the Nvidia Geforce GTX 960, which starts at around €190. The Radeon R9 285 does offer better overall performance compared to the GTX 960, but has higher power consumption. Due to higher TDPs, there is a bit more noise output on some R9 285 graphics cards, but there should be plenty of custom versions that do not have that problem.

The Radeon R9 285 is based on AMD's 28nm Tonga GPU and packs 1792 Stream Processors, 112 TMUs and 32 ROPs. It comes with 2GB of GDDR5 memory paired up with a 256-bit memory interface.

AMD is probably clearing stock and, according to the report, working with retailers in the EU to introduce price cuts for Radeon R9 285. We will most likely see other Radeon Rx 200 series graphics cards getting a price cut so we will surely keep an eye out for those.

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Last modified on 04 May 2015
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