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AMD's HBM still a bit of a mystery

by on06 May 2015

Next year HBM 2.0 but no name yet 

AMD teases its audience with the new HBM High Bandwidth Memory product that is supposed to come soon.

AMD Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President Mark Papermaster has mentioned that the new graphics product soon will use HBM.

There was no use or the Fiji codename, we just heard mention of the high bandwidth memory product. Papermaster said that it uses 3D HBM DRAM Die stack on a silicon interposer. We got to know this as 2.5D. The HBM DRAM sits next to the GPU and not on it as is the case with 3D memory. AMD mentioned that the HBM product will be available this year and added that there will be a HBM 2 product next year. We had the HBM2 product  codenamed Greenland announced a few weeks ago.


The new memory promises three times performance per watt compared to GDDR5 memory that is used on the current generation cards. You can expect 50 percent of power savings versus GDDR5 but the company didn’t made any claims about the speed, launch time or availability of the card.

The Fiji cards should launch in the second half of June, just after Computex. 

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