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Samsung might have a problem with New Year’s resolution

by on09 November 2015

Needs to change OLED standard

Samsung is suffering from a bad case of being behind on the OLED’s and next year  might try to tinkering with the next generation standard to make it more acceptable and cheaper to make.

While many see OLED as a way that television sales can be improved manufacturing costs for OLED TVs, are 1.5 times more expensive than conventional TVs of the same size.

The costs are expected to be lower in the next generation standard thanks to advancements of key materials and the development of relevant technology.

According to the Korea Times at the moment if Samsung joins the OLED TV race it would be forced to use the expensive LG-developed OLED technology standard RGBW.

However the Information Display Measurement Standard (IDMS) has started discussing measures to update the next OLED technology standard which it thinks it can influence to get its own standard through.

LG wants its RGBW standard to be reinstated, as its technology provides the best picture quality for 4K monitors. The IDMS has recently notified its members to prepare for discussions about the issue.

LG might win, it has a lot of support from the industry. Its version of RGBW is a new innovation that added a white subpixel next to the standard RGB subpixels, enhancing the maximum brightness of a display. This means that the backlight doesn't need to expend as much power which would extend battery life on notebooks.

According to Samsung, LG's RGBW isn't feasible as the white pixel has low colour accuracy, something that LG denies saying that its RGBW has passed standard tests by authoritative organisations.

According to the IDMS, contract ratio and brightness will be the two key points for judgment by its members for the next-generation OLED standard.

Last modified on 09 November 2015
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