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Mobile GTX 1070 performance leaked

by on08 August 2016

Ahead of expected Gamescom announcement

We are expecting shedloads of next-generation mobile graphics cards to launch soon and Nvidia is expected to use Gamescom 2016 on 17-21 August but it looks like the performance of the new GTX 1070 has leaked out before hand.

A few slides which tipped up on Baidu show that the card is over 355 percent  faster than the GTX 960M. The GPU is based on the GP104 chip and comes with 2048 CUDA cores, 64 ROP units and 128 TMU.  The desktop flavor has 1920 CUDA cores, 64 ROP and 120 TMU. However, the mobile variant comes with lower clocks to keep the power consumption down.

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The slides are not the best quality, and there is not much in them, but but they do give a hint of what we are getting, which was pretty much what everyone at Fudzilla was expecting.



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