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ARM shows off its Mali-G51 GPU

by on31 October 2016

Second-gen GPU offers 60 percent performance gains

Japanese fabless chip outfit ARM has been showing off its Mali-G51, a second-generation GPU built on the Bifrost architecture.

The chip is supposed to put ARM into the virtual reality and augmented reality game. It is ARM's smallest Vulkan-enabled Mali GPU and claims to make sure that VR and AR is not just something for high-end devices.

Bifrost first appeared in this year’s Mali-G71, but the G51 is supposed to make the tech more widespread.

ARM is also looking to power Microsoft HoloLens-style AR experiences because games are increasingly based on live scenes and feeds. In terms of performance and efficiency, the G51 offers a 60 percent boost in performance density compared with the Mali-T830 and a 60 per cent increase in energy efficiency.

The Mali-V61 brings VP9 and improved HEVC to the next generation of devices, and takes aim at real-time 4K streaming using applications such as Facebook Live and Periscope. ARM claims that the Mali-V61 offers 50 percent bit-rate saving over previous generation codecs, and noted that it also scales from 1080p60 on a single core and up to 4K120 on multiple cores, providing the highest definition streaming on any mobile device.

ARM explained that the Mali-G51 and Mali-V61 already have a few design wins and will start to appear in 2018.

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Last modified on 09 November 2016
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