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All Radeon RX 580 and 570 go to miners

by on07 June 2017

Ethereum to blame

Last week at Computex quite a few of our contacts mentioned that RX 580, 570 and older 480 and 470 cards are extremely hard to find. It turns out, that our contacts confirmed that the Ethereum crypto currency network is to blame. 

Mining is still big, as theoretically this is the way to make money. This is a very rare opportunity where you can use your gaming card and computer to actually make some money, and it is all automated.

The mining related shortage already happened with Fury cards, as it turns they were extremely good for mining. Unfortunately, this only lasted until the manufacturers didn’t come up with a discrete chip that was doing a better job, compared to the Radeon card. One of the most successful ASICs around is the Antminter BM1387 a 16nm SoC manufactured just for mining. One bad thing about this is that it is quite costly and it only comes with three months warranty.

Make money with Radeon gaming card 

Miners are buying hundreds of Radeon RX 580 / 570 cards and a lot of them end up in farms in eastern Europe. This comes as no surprise, as electricity is cheaper in these countries. It was so cute that someone asked Lisa Su about this.

Miners prefer Radeon RX 480 and 470 cards for Ethereum network mining but our sources have confirmed that AMD has stopped deliveries of these cards, they've simply sold out of them.

Gamers might be out of luck as AMD is trying to increase production due to its incredibly, out of the ordinary demand. The second most popular cards for miners is currently the Geforce GTX 1060 3GB and this one is selling fast too.

Motherboard manufacturers such as Biostart, also see a big opportunity. Here is a board with a PCI extension slot that supports up to eight Radeon RX470 in a PC configuration. 


Radeon RX 480 has around 27.0 MH/s at 80W while the Geforce GTX 1060 3GB scores around 20.0 MH/s at 90W. Radeon RX 580 scores roughly the same as the 480 but it needs more power.

At 25.0 MH/s at 80W hash rate and a power cost of $ 0.4320 per day, you can have a $134.08 investment return per month and a  possible $ 1,631.37 return per year. This is a very good deal -  at least it sounds like it.


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