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AMD teams up with Baidu

by on29 August 2017

AMD Radeon Instinct GPU for datacentres 

AMD has announced that it is teaming up with the Chinese-based Baidu to build optimising software for AMD Radeon Instinct GPUs for use in Baidu's datacentres.

 AMD recently launched its Radeon Instinct MI25, MI8, and MI6 accelerators. Together with AMD's open ROCm 1.6 software platform, including the optimised MIOpen framework libraries, this new offering has the capability to dramatically increase performance, efficiency and ease of implementation of deep learning, inference and training workloads.

AMD said its accelerators are designed to address a wide range of machine intelligence applications for systems used in academics, life science, financial, automotive and other commercial industries.

The move is important for AMD which is fighting Nvidia and Intel to push its way into the lucrative datacentre market.  Baidu is an important customer to win as not only does it rule the Chinese web market, it is branching into other important areas such as AI. It also has shedloads of spin off companies, making it like a Chinese Google.




Last modified on 30 August 2017
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