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Futuremark shows DirectX Raytracing tech demo at GDC 2018

by on21 March 2018

Says DXR benchmark is coming

Following Microsoft's DirectX Raytracing (DXR) announcement, Futuremark has unveiled its new DXR tech demo at the Game Developers Conference held in San Francisco, showing a first glimpse of what can be achieved with Microsoft's latest DirectX 12 feature.

While rendering accurate reflections in real time is quite a feat, at least with current methods, DirectX Raytracing can be combined with existing methods in order to render accurate real time reflections of dynamic objects, produce reflections of objects that exist outside the screen space, produce accurate, perspective-correct reflections on all surfaces in real time, and even apply reflections to other surfaces for a more realistic feel.

DirectX Raytracing example 1

DirectX Raytracing example 1

DirectX Raytracing example 1

DirectX Raytracing example 1

While Raytracing is far from new and has been pretty much the holy grail of game developers, it's quite hard on the GPU. According to Futuremark, with current, more powerful GPUs, as well as Microsoft's latest DirectX 12 Raytracing feature, it is possible to use rasterization for most of the rendering and a smaller amount of raytracing to enhance shadows, reflections, and other effects that are difficult to achieve with traditional techniques.

Since it is based on existing methods, Futuremark says that it was relatively easy to implement DXR in its current DirectX 12 game engine so hopefully, more developers will hop on that train as well.

Futuremark was also keen to note that it will be using DirectX Raytracing in its new 3DMark benchmark test which should be coming by the end of the year.


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