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AMD adds Radeon Pro driver support to Radeon VII

by on14 February 2019

But without workstation optimizations, certifications and support

AMD has added Radeon Pro driver support for Radeon VII graphics card but, unlike earlier rumors, it only gets partial support, without workstation elements.

In a Reddit thread, AMD revealed a bit more details regarding support for Radeon VII in its Radeon Pro 19.Q1 driver release, and while this driver will support Radeon VII graphics card, giving it stability improvements, commercial application performance, standard feature set, as well as enterprise security features, it will lack workstation improvements, like workstation application optimizations, workstation application certifications, workstation feature set, and remote workstation support.

amd radeonprodriverr7 1

Since Radeon VII does extremely well in applications used by "creators", even partial support will come as a great bonus, especially due to AMD's "One Driver" support, allowing users to install both Radeon Pro and Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition drivers and seamlessly switch between those two.

"AMD provides the same driver support to Radeon VII that is available on other Radeon consumer hardware as listed in the table below. To be specific, workstation performance, application certifications, and features do not apply to Radeon consumer hardware when using Radeon Pro Software. The explicit purpose of our "One Driver" program is to simplify implementation for businesses that use Radeon consumer and Radeon Pro products across their install base."

AMD's driver team is definitely doing a great job and both One Driver support, as well as limited Radeon Pro support for Radeon VII, are certainly the right way to go, giving users that bit of extra for their money.

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