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EKWB unveils Radeon VII EK-Vector series water block

by on27 March 2019

Turns it into a single slot card

EK Water Blocks has officially announced its EK-Vector series water block for AMD's Radeon VII graphics card.

According to EKWB, this one not only turns the Radeon VII into a single-slot graphics card but also provides a bit more overclocking headroom and performance during GPU intense tasks allowing the card to reach higher boost clocks due to its efficient cooling design.

Since it is a part of EKWB's EK-Vector series, the EK-VECTOR Radeon VII RGB uses copper or nickel-plated copper for the base of the block, depending on the version, while the top is made either of acrylic or POM Acetal. It will also be available in RGB versions where the corner piece is lit up with LED strip, compatible with most RGB sync software.

With this in mind, the EK-Vector Radeon VII block will be available in four different versions, Nickel + Plexi and Nickel + Acetal, both with RGB, and Copper + Plexi and Copper + Acetal, without RGB. All versions also come with a single-slot I/O bracket as well as an optional backplate, coming in Black and Nickel versions.

Those looking for an aluminum-based block for the Radeon VII are still out of luck but Atila Gobor, EKWB’s Technical Marketing guy, did note that the company could make one if they see a high demand for it.

All four EK-Vector Radeon VII blocks are listed on EKWB's own shop for pre-order and should ship out on Monday, April 1st, with a price set at €109.16 for non-RGB Copper + Acetal and Copper + Plexi blocks, €121.76 for Nickel + Acetal RGB block, and €125.97 for Nickel + Plexi RGB block. The backplates are available for €36.90 for the Black one and €43.90 for the Nickel one.

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