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First Intel Iris Xe DG1 for desktop is an 80 EUs 30W card for OEMs

by on26 January 2021

Asus and Colorful OEM cards pictured

Intel has now officially announced its first Iris Xe (codename DG1) discrete desktop graphics card for OEMs, and it features 80 execution units and a 30W TDP.

While this is obviously not a gaming graphics card that should eventually come to the market, the Iris Xe discrete desktop graphics card is a version of the previously launched Intel Iris Xe Max for notebooks.

So far, Intel has only announced the new Iris Xe discrete desktop graphics card and we are yet to see some official specifications, from both Intel or its launch partners, especially Asus, which is mentioned by Intel.

As far as we can gather, this is a version of the Iris Xe Max for notebooks, but comes with slightly fewer execution units, 80, as opposed to 96 EUs on the Iris Xe Max. The precise GPU clock is still unknown but we expect it to be higher than 1,650MHz on the Iris Xe Max, which is probably why it has a higher 30W TDP.

It still packs 4GB of LPDDR4X memory on a 128-bit memory interface and a memory bandwidth of 68GB/s.

Intel was keen to note support for Adaptive Sync, Display HDR support, and artificial intelligence capabilities thanks to DP4a deep-learning inference acceleration, as well as three display outputs, hardware video decode and encode acceleration, including AV1 decode support.

Intel released a few pictures including a passive single-slot card from Asus, as well as a dual-fan, dual-slot card from Colorful.

intel irisxedesktop 1

intel irisxedesktop 2


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