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Intel spills the beans on its upscaling

by on25 March 2022

GPU ready launch next week

As Chipzilla prepares for the launch of its own GPU next week it presented some details about its upscaling tech.-- XeSS.

A detailed rundown of XeSS, has been released, showing that Intel is ready to take on Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR image upscalers.

XeSS has five scaling modes offering a range of compromises between frame rate and image quality. This is a bit more than its rivals. Quality mode will scale an image by 50 per cent.

Intel claims upscaling an image from 1440p to 4K improves performance by 53 percent compared to native 4K and there will be an Ultra Quality mode that will only scale by 1.3 for better image quality, whereas DLSS and FSR have a Quality mode as the highest preset, which upscales by 50 per cent.

One challenge Intel said it is trying to address is ghosting which causes brief afterimages to appear when objects are in motion. Intel has also integrated XeSS into Unreal Engine 4 and 5, where the feature is currently in a closed beta.


Last modified on 25 March 2022
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