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Intel ramps up for battle

by on02 April 2024

Battlemage shipping manifests out

Chipzilla looks likely to meet its Battlemage deadlines.

Tom’s Hardware has obtained some of the shipping manifests, which show that Chipzilla has its hands full with not one but two graphics processing units.

Intel is flexing its muscles with the development of both the powerful Battlemage G10 and the entry-level Battlemage G21 discrete GPUs. If these new additions to Intel's lineup deliver on their promise, they could shake up the market and earn a place among the top graphics cards.

The shipping manifest reveals that both Battlemage-G10 and Battlemage-G21 are in the R&D pipeline. The G21 GPU is going through the pre-qualification (pre-QS) phase, where its functionality, reliability, and performance are tested. If it ticks all the boxes, we could consider mass production.

While Nvidia may seem to have the laptop GPU game locked down this time, Intel's Battlemage—thanks to Chipzilla’s close ties with PC makers and OEMs—might give them a run for their money in the next round.

The tech arena is about to witness a fierce battle for desktop GPU supremacy, with AMD's RDNA 4, Intel's Battlemage, and Nvidia's Blackwell all gearing up for an epic clash that could reshape PC gaming.

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