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Sapphire officially introduces Radeon 4850

by on19 June 2008


625MHz core/ 1986MHz memory

If Sapphire's memory clock speed was a girl's birthday (1986), she would be 22 years old now and Sapphire is among the first to adjust for this new launch date of Radeon HD 4850.

We can now officially say that the RV770PRO runs at 625MHz core and 1986MHz GDDR3 memory. The RV770PRO chip, as we said many times before, uses 256-bit memory interface and its bus is 256-bit wide.

All the cards are reference designs and there is no clock differences. The first batch of cards will feature 512MB versions but we might see 1024MB versions in the future.

In case you're still wondering, the chip has 800 shaders but ATI’s 800 shaders aren't really comparable to Nvidia’s 240, as they are completely different.


Sapphire's full retail box includes DVI to VGA adapter, HDTV cable, Crossfire bridge, DVI to HDMI dongle, driver CD, Power DVD 7, Cyberlink DVD suite 5 and 3Dmark06.

Performance-wise, Radeon 4850 is giving Geforce 9800 GTX a tough time and it is clearly faster than both 8800GT and 9600GT, you'll have to wait until we can show you a few numbers.

It definitely looks like ATI did a great job for a €150 to €180 card. The price actually depends on which part of Europe you live in, whereas U.S, suggested e-tail price is $199 Washingtons.

Here is how this pretty one looks and the first batch of Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 512MB comes with free 2GB USB.

Stay tuned, we are working hard to get you some numbers. 

In the meantime you can get some details here (Italian).

Last modified on 19 June 2008
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