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Virtual reality sexual assault is with us

by on27 October 2016

Designers did not think of this problem

Women playing virtual reality games are being targeted by pervy would-be Donald Trump types who believe is OK to sexually assault women.

Aaron Stanton and Jonathan Schenker, developers of a VR game called QuiVr, decided to take action after a woman playing the game claimed she was groped whilst innocently blasting zombies.

The woman said BigBro442 “shoved his hand in her virtual crotch and began rubbing”. Apparently, there is a thing in the US called “grabbing a woman by the tabby” or something which is popular among the gamers who lack opposable thumbs, and US Republican candidates who don't see women as being human.

The designers admitted the prospect of virtual sexual assault hadn’t crossed their minds when programming the game and now they have created an anti-pervert “forcefield” designed to keep gropers at bay.

The “forcefield” allows women to create their own “safe space” whilst playing the game. This will stop the player from viewing players who come to close to them and silence anyone who’s being particularly pervy.

The games designers wrote: "No matter how you activate it, the effect is instantaneous and obvious – a ripple of force expands from you, dissolving any nearby player from view, at least from your perspective, and giving you a safety zone of personal space.
"It’s an instant creation of control."

The pair want their creation to be used in every VR game, to shield women from the risk of being groped by hi-tech heavy mouth breathers like BigBro442.

Of course it would be solved if the game just gave the idiots 4,000 volts to their own testicles if they tried it, or even worse, sent a text to their mothers to tell them what they were doing.

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