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Apple’s Airbuds delays "bogus"

by on03 November 2016

They will be late but not that late

Apple’s overpriced and infinitely losable earbuds are seeing delays getting to market and no one is sure when they will hit the shops.

The AirPods were supposed to provide those who wasted their money “upgrading” to the iPhone 7 with a passable sound quality from the wireless system. They were going to be expensive, but in the shops soon after the iPhone 7 appeared in the shops.

However, Apple announced that there would be a delay to the product and we reported how there are are rumours that they will not even be here for Christmas. This was because the supply chain monitor Economic Daily News reported that manufacturer Inventec would see quarterly profits jump in the quarter starting in January 2017 because of a shifted launch date. At the same time, the publication said that the fourth quarter 2016 profits would not be changed from the third quarter. This would mean that the ear buds will not be arriving until January.

But the Tame Apple press has rallied around its favourite company. AppleInsider's sources have dismissed the story as “bogus” and said that they would be delivered in time for Christmas.

However, sources familiar with the company's plans indicated that internally, there is no official delay until January for shipment of the wireless earbuds. One person briefed on the matter said plainly that there was "no way that these are getting pushed to January".

AirPods demonstration units are already available in some stores and staff have already received training on the product. Because apparently, you need a degree course to shove something in your ear correctly.

Staff say they are really keen to show them to shoppers. Of course they might be waiting as long as Duke Nukem for the AirPods to be delivered. It seems a little odd to us that people are that worried. The AirPods can’t make a huge difference to the sound quality, look like you are wearing tiny dildo earrings and yet they cost about $160.

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