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E-textiles fit the wearer, not the starer

by on07 November 2016

Market growing rapidly

Research by Occams said that the e-textile market is booming at over 36 percent compound annual growth rate.

The research outfit said that wearable technology has shown a growth rate of 126 percent during 2014-2015, and there’s no sign the rate is slowing down.

The market is being fuelled by sports and medical applications.

The analysts give an example of Catapult Sports with its OptimEye product which has a device embedded in a top that will collect data on heart rate, velocity, jump height, distane and other metrics.

While the USA dominates the market holding about 40 percent of revenue share last year, Asia Pacific is shoing every sign of greater growth.

In the health market, products such as SmartShirt and LifeShirt monitor blood pressure, the heart rate and temperature of patients bringing data to health care

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