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Makibes HR3 color smartband gets clean bill of health

by on10 August 2018

Color tracker for sub 20 USD

Makibes is one of the newcomers to the smart fitness tracker area and we've already taken a deeper look into the G03 GPS enabled band. Now we've had a chance to test the much less expensive color HR3 smart bracelet.

The package includes Makibes HR3 smartband, a short manual and part of the smartband is the detachable TPU strap.

One of the key features is the 0.96-inch color screen with a continuous heart rate monitor. Other features include IP67 waterproof rating, customizable clock faces, smart reminders, and the promise of seven day battery life with 80 mAh lithium polymer battery. It will charge in an hour and the USB charging port is covered by the TPU strap, making it easier to charge your device an any charger or computer USB port.

Some essential features include all day activity tracking, auto sleep tracking including sleep stages, wrist gestures, stopwatch and a phone search.

It will count your step, kilometers, heart rate, Kcal, and show you the time. It will even let you change the background and the watch dials.


The band has a raised wrist to wake the sensor that works as expected. The default screen shows the date, battery life, Bluetooth connectivity to your device, central position and the current heart rate followed by the day of the week and time. This is actually most you will ever need.

You will need to switch to another screen to see the steps, kilometers, Kcal burned, separate heart rate screen, sleep time, stop watch, SMS, Find phone of Off button. One annoying part is that there is no quick way to go to the home screen, you always have to click multiple times through all menus to get to the home screen.

The intelligent reminder function lets you know when you get an SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsup, Wechat, QQ or Line.


The device itself looks elegant and does its job well with occasionally unusually high heart rate reading.

On the positive side, the Wearfit 2 app works really well and can even connect with Google Fit and Apple health. This makes it really valuable as you will be able to complement your phone data with more accurate measurements.


The device does what it is supposed to do, it will measure your steps, sleep and even fatigue levels. The continuous heart rate is definitely a plus and it will let you know when you are working out properly. It is important to mention that the Makibes HR3 is more of a step tracker than it is meant for a serious workout measurements.


It will give you all the basic details you need and all that in color. Most other competitor devices will be in back and white - a clear differentiation from this device. The color display does make all the difference.


This is a good device especially considering the price. It will do what it is supposed to do, in color. This is what makes it stand out from the competition and it will deliver close to a week of battery life. When you need to charge it, any USB port will do the job and you won't have to carry a proprietary charging dock, that most other competitors use. This is definitely a plus.

The color display is nice, and the app lets you connect with useful Google Fit and Apple Health apps, fora  tiny amount of money. We would like to see more dial options and for example ability to have a heart rate smaller and out of the central part of the home screen.

Overall this is definitely worth your money.

You can get Makibes HR3 for $17.99 out of China or for 24.99 euro if you order it in Italy or Germany from Geekbuying.


Last modified on 13 August 2018
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