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2019 was the “Year of C”

by on20 January 2020

She still sells C shells by the C shore

The TIOBE Programming Community has released an index indicating the popularity of programming languages in which it recognised C as the programming language of the year 2019.

OK, it was not at the top - Java is still King - but was a number two above Python – which is a little surprising.

C is considered the red-headed stepchild of programming these days and most people consider Python emerged as the most productive and popular language in recent times and, apparently, the language had a good year due to the Internet of Things.

C is really good with small devices that are performance-critical with limited resources. It is a feature-rich programming language, including direct access to machine level hardware APIs. There are lots of C compilers, deterministic resource use and dynamic memory allocation.

If you want to write a decent driver or embedded system or control micro-controllers and use various functionalities C suddenly becomes really useful.

C can be used for scripting system applications for every operating system like Windows, UNIX, and Linux.

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