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Apple’s over-priced largely useless Vision Pro is selling

by on23 January 2024

The standards of the world have slipped even lower

Apple flogs 180,000 Vision Pro headsets to gullible fans who don't mind paying $3,499 for a largely useless glorified toy.

Analyst Min-Chi Kuo Apple was stunned to discover that Jobs’ mob actually shifted between 160,000 to 180,000 Vision Pro headsets over the weekend.

This is way more than Kuo's earlier guess of 60,000 to 80,000 units for the first release on 2 February 2, which is why the Vision Pro ran out of stock as soon as pre-orders started.

Kuo warned that this might not be good news because the shipping times didn't change much in the first 48 hours. This could mean that the demand fell off a cliff after the more extreme hardcore users and fanboys got their fix.

It could also mean that a bigger chunk of people will be highly hacked off when they get the product hop having mortgaged their home only to discover that it has limited operability.

The Vision Pro isn't for the average punter in its current form, especially since it doesn't have some basic apps like YouTube, Spotify or Netflix.

Kuo also said that even if the device sold out based on the higher first production figure of 80,000 units, that's only about 0.007 per cent of Apple's 1.2 billion active users, which makes the Vision Pro "a very niche product" in Apple's eyes.

That means the tech giant will have to somehow hype up and keep up the demand for the headset before its global launch, which is rumoured to happen sometime before this year's WWDC -- probably in June.

Meanwhile, Apple is also busy setting up demo areas at its US flagship stores, hoping to squeeze a few more sales with their 25-minute sessions which is all it will take before you get very bored with using it.


Last modified on 24 January 2024
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