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PC users will drop off a memory cliff

by on13 July 2017

Crucial report

Research from memory specialists Crucial suggests that a quarter of UK users have a PC which has reached what the firm calls the ‘memory cliff’ – the point where the computer is hugely slowed down, or completely falls over or crashes.

Crucial’s survey said that computers with smaller amounts of RAM get bogged down quicker, as every megabyte of memory used by a program represents a bigger slice of the machine’s total capacity.

PCs that have only 2GB of RAM willhit slowdowns when 60 percent of system memory is being used. At the 80 percent level, the computer is in danger of being overwhelmed and freezing or falling over.

Those with 4GB of RAM don’t see slowdowns until the 70 percent memory usage level, and with 8GB, sluggishness doesn’t manifest until 80 percent, Crucial said.

Nearly 62 percent had 8GB or less system memory installed.

Crucial flogs memory so you would expect it advises upgrading your RAM, but it might have a point.

Last modified on 13 July 2017
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