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iPhone 4 flogged for $2,500 in China

by on30 June 2010
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Fanboys form a queue
Those who think that the iPhone 4 is a hunk of overpriced junk which can only be afforded by an Apple fanboy with more money than sense, might be surprised that the gizmo is on sale in China with a $3,000 price tag.

Apparently while the iPhone 3G has not done that well in China, the latest version of Apple's iPhone is on sale in Beijing's electronic stores and luxury hotels, months before the official launch of the trendy smartphone in China, state media said. They are being privately imported and flogged and such iPhone 4 devices go for about $2500.

Vendors say that there are Apple fanboys living in China who will pay anything to get their paws on the unlocked gizmo, particularly if it will not be seen in China for another six months.

China Unicom, the only Chinese telecom operator that offers the iPhone in the world's largest cellphone market, has said it is in talks with Apple to sell the 4G handset as well as the iPad.

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