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Verizon will get the iPhone

by on08 October 2010

Will arrive early next year
Sources are confirming that the iPhone is finally coming to Verizon early next year. According to what we have been hearing, the deal is done and Apple is already making plans to crank up production of the new CDMA/EVDO version of the iPhone for the launch. This seems to go along with the news that we told you about previously that Apple had already cut a deal for the chips to be used in the new version.

If this does actually come to pass this time around, it will mean an end to AT&T’s exclusive that they have enjoyed on the iPhone since its launch in the U.S. The good news for Apple is that they will be better able to go to battle with the number of Android models being released by offering a choice of two carriers from which to get the iPhone.

Of course, neither Apple nor Verizon are talking about the deal, but it is expected that we will hear more just after the first of the year. The loser in all of this is expected to be AT&T, who could stand to lose a number of subscribers that are expected to jump ship once the iPhone is available on Verizon.

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