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Baidu shows off new mobile operating system

by on02 September 2011

China's Google does a Google
Baidu, which is known as the Chinese Google has been showing off a mobile operating system and mobile application platform. Named Baidu Yi,  the software will enable third-party application developers to create apps such as games, maps and other tools that they can distribute in an App store.

It is fairly clear that Baidu Yi is modeled on Google's Android mobile operating system. The company also launched its new homepage which will add four features, including social networking functions.

Baidu CEO Robin Li was quoted as saying the new homepage could have a negative impact on its revenue by requiring users to register a Baidu account, reducing traffic on the site. The new homepage, with more links and content, could also affect loading speed.

Baidu currently has around 200 million registered users, Li said.

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