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Tegra 4 to kick off USB 3.0 tablet revolution

by on24 December 2012


Wayne phones after February

Wayne, also known as Tegra 4 is coming out at CES 2013, or in some 10 days from now. Nvidia has an event planned days ahead of CES 2013 and the company will likely show some tablets and hybrids based on the new Tegra SoC. Let’s call Wayne Tegra 4 before it gets official.

Nvidia had Wayne ready to launch in Q4 2012 but it had to wait for partners to release the designs based on it, and most of them wanted to do it at CES 2013. European phones based on Wayne are going to show up in February, at the Mobile World Congress.

This is the first quad-core A15 design that will bring a significant performance increase over Tegra 3 and we are hearing that the four-plus-one core will deliver a bigger performance boost than Tegra 3 did over Tegra 2. Also, the fact that the new chip is 28nm and supports DDR3L also promises more efficiency.
USB 3.0 support is something that is getting us excited as usually it is quite slow to transfer anything onto tablets, phones and hybrids. USB 3.0 on tablets will significantly increase the data transfer speed and Tegra 4 will be among the first chips to feature USB 3.0 support, and many consumers will appreciate faster data transfer rates.

The other thing that got our attention is dual display support and you will be able to have two independent screens. On Tegra 3 based devices, you can only mirror the output, not display two independent screens. It could be a very interesting feature for dockable devices.

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