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Nexus 5 16GB already out of stock

by on01 November 2013


White one ships with delays

It looks like Google's latest Nexus 5 smartphone is off to a good start, as the Google Play Store ran out of Nexus 5 16GB Black stock in a matter of hours after it was official launched.

There are still a few 32GB units available in both black and white, if you are lucky, and the shipping date is set at two to three weeks. The 16GB stock in the US Play Store is completely gone.

The UK Play Store is also out of stock, but both 16 and 32GB White versions of the Nexus 5 are listed to ship in one to two business days while the Black version in both 16GB and 32GB flavor will ship by November 8th.

Germany is in a similar situation as it is completely out of 16GB Black units while 32GB Black ones will ship on November 15th, in case you pre-order it. The 32GB White Nexus 5 version will come on November 8th and in case you are looking at 16GB White one, you should get it in two to three weeks.

Either Google did not learn anything from the Nexus 4 launch or there is simply too much demand for the Nexus 5 for even Google to cope with.

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