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Foxconn steered Apple to TSMC

by on29 April 2015


Foxconn, Apple's main supplier, might have steered Jobs' Mob to TSMC to spite the spite Samsung and keep the money in Taiwan.

The Economic Daily News has suggested that Foxconn CEO Terry Gou talked Apple into awarding some A9 chip orders to TSMC as a way of spiting Samsung for being too successful with its Galaxy S.

Samsung was supposed to make all the next-gen iPhone and iPad processors but at the last minute Apple appeared to change its mind and awarded 30 per cent of the deal to TSMC.

Others claimed that Apple made a decision to purchase A9 chips from TSMC to have enough A9 supply for future devices.

TSMC was lready an Apple partner, as the company has been hired to make the chips in current iPhone and iPad models. Foxconn is the biggest device manufacturer in the world, responsible for mass-producing iPhone 6 models, among other products.

The company has already given Apple preferential treatment when it comes to manufacturing lines, and is said to have invested in a display facility that would operate just to meet Apple's future demands.

Gou's reasoning for supporting TSMC for the next-gen iPhone seems to be a political one, as the executive wants to rally Taiwan-based companies against South Korean companies, especially Samsung.

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