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Apple patents tech to stop iphone users videoing concerts

by on29 June 2016

Acting in its users’ interests.

Fruity cargo cult Apple has come up with a method to switch off all the iPhones at a concert to stop Apple fanboys recording live acts.

A recently discovered patent which outlines an idea Apple has to prevent users from taking photos or videos in concerts.

The concert organiser has a device that emits infrared signals. Whenever a phone is pointed at the stage, it will receive that infrared signal which would then have the ability to disable the phone’s camera/recording function, thus rendering the user’s phone useless as a camera for the time being.

The infrared signal could also deliver a watermark to the photos or videos so that whoever is recording it can’t claim that it is their property.

The patent was back in 2011 and given that we’re in 2016, it does not seem that Apple is that keen to release the technology. The reasons are obvious. You can defeat the technology by stopping your infrared signal. While Apple fanboys are less likely to do that, it puts Apple products at a competitive disadvantage. It would be better to take a Samsung to a concert.

Of course Apple fanboy’s mothers rarely let them go to concerts, anyway, unless it is a nice band like Coldplay or that wonderful Taylor Swift.


Last modified on 29 June 2016
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